Cable Tensioner – Initial Production Sets

After producing the preview images, we had a brief call to review the model. In addition to the elements already incorporated, the following issues were identified:

  • Could we include small guide slots for mounting the handrails? Yes – I did
  • Can the cab be made so that we can open it and put windows in? … and …
  • Would there be a way we could add decals to the control panel? Yes to both – the cab is separated into a base and a shell
  • Is it possible to remove the seat so we can paint it separately? Yes – separated it and added a guide pin for attachment
  • Can the back bumper be flat so that all decoration can be decals? Yes – of course
  • Would the wheels look good printed in metallic plastic? Maybe – let’s find out!
  • What about screw holes for mounting in the bottom of the outriggers? Done

All sprues were put in place to minimize their visibility or other effects on the parts. The current model consists of three files:

  • White parts: the main trailer and cab
  • Black parts: tires, toolbox, seat and column
  • Metallic parts: wheels and handrails

White Parts


Black Parts


Metallic Parts


24 July 2016