New Project – Commissioned Work

This month I’ll be focused on designing a model of a real world utility trailer. This special project came to me through referral from a shapeways customer I have previously designed a few items for (the HazMat Technicians, for example). This model is being completed so that the manufacturer or the real trailer can have them printed, finished, and distributed to key customers.

The base scale for design will be 1:24. This will result in a large model (~11 inches long). A second version will be developed at 1:64 with a corresponding reduction in detail. I am hoping that this version may pair well with an appropriate tow vehicle. The material chosen is white, strong, and flexible to be printed on an SLS machine.

Specific design elements requested:

  • Rolling axle and wheels
  • Separable cab to allow for easier installation of “windows” in the 1:24 scale version
  • Design of tires and wheels to allow for easy finishing, painting, and final assembly

This also represents my first shot at a  “blog”. I’ve had web sites before, but I have never chronicled anything in a remotely blog-like manner. So, hang in there – we’re in for a bumpy ride.

To see more of my creations (or to buy something you like), visit my shapeways shop. Feedback, comments, and suggestions always welcome through the contax form.

5 July 2016