Ark II – Released on Shapeways


After 120 iterative versions of the Ark II, I uploaded the 1/72 version yesterday. I added the 1/87 and 1/64 scales today. In order to reduce the printing cost, I reduced the bulk by hollowing the main body. To do this and also reduce the machine space footprint, I sprued the radar dish and rear door up under the tail section. Normally my models are one-piece with no assembly required – so I added an instruction graphic for this. Look at the 3d render and shop at my shapeways store.

I still think I may work on a “roamer”, so I made the hollowing of the main body so that a roamer might be stored in it in the future. In this case, I would aim to package the roamer with a removable ramp that could rest on the Ark’s tail.

3d Model Pictures:

18 August 2016