New Projects – The Ark and Landmaster

415d9cd95ef0dbb78ab937766b1f3a81When I was a bit younger, I read Roger Zelazny’s novel “Damnation Alley”. And, like many my age, I saw the feature film of the same name. This story involved a cross-country trek in a futuristic (LOL) RV-like behemoth named the Landmaster. The Landmaster’s design was unique – an articulated chassis with large, three wheeled hubs for its “wheels”. Definitely uber-cool for the times. I re-read Zelazny’s Amber series just recently and that sparked a random memory of the Landmaster. So, I pulled out some pictures to start working on one.

ARK_01Now, while I was googling looking for Landmaster pictures, I stumbled across pictures from the 1970’s TV series Ark II featuring the super-modern (giggle, giggle) Ark II mobile, environmental saving lab and the associated Roamer (a variant of the Brubaker Box). So, I grabbed a bunch of those pictures and started a parallel path project.

My intention is to do 1/87, 1/72, and 1/64 in these: Landmaster, Ark II, and Roamer. I’m going to start with the core vehicle in solid units (no moving parts). I’m considering how difficult it would be to make the wheels functional.

10 August 2016